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Short FAQ.

Q: Our dog has had a cruciate operation, when can we bring him for hydrotherapy?


A: There are several types of operation that can fix a ruptured cruciate. We always wait for your vet to tell us when we can start, normally about 6 weeks post operation. Sometimes it can be as soon as three weeks, please check with your vet.



Q: Do I need a vets referral?


A: Yes, but only to let us know what is wrong with your dog in the first place, and to advise us if there are any treatments the vet wants especially for your dog. Otherwise we just need the vet to say your dog is fit enough to come swimming. It is very important that we know before you bring your dog if they suffer from heart disease, epilepsy, or diabetes.


Q: Will I be able to claim my hydrotherapy on my insurance?


A: Most insurance companies will pay for your rehabilitation at a CHA registered hydrotherapy centre. Doncaster Hydrotherapy Centre is a full member of the CHA make sure you look for the CHA logo on any centres you're looking into. 


Q: What is the CHA?


A: The Canine Hydrotherapy Association is the governing body for Canine Hydrotherapy


Q: How many times will we have to come swimming?


A: We aim to have your dog back to normal within 20 swims. However there are no hard and fast rules. We have loads of customers who still swim, just because hydrotherapy is still improving the quality of life we strive for in all of our dogs.



Magnus Roche:  Bear (our Leonberger) looks forward so much to his weekly swims with Mike & Di. He swims for fun only but the end result is a much more "together" giant breed. Mike & Di provide fantastic expertise combined with relaxed company for us and the best day of the week for Bear.

Ambrose Brenan: Ambrose Is a Great Dane with a spinal problem, The difference to him and the progress he has made since going to Doncaster Hydrotherapy Centre is fantastic, the work they has done means Ambrose has made huge improvements.

Mike Window: Mike and Di are winners. They have made such a difference to our dogs. We show our Akita kennel and we are sure that the hard work Mike and Di have put in has made us winners as well. Very friendly very professional and always interested in what we want to achive.


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