Here at Doncaster our pool is as warm as our welcome

Based on research and evidence, hydrotherapy pools should be warm, clean and fresh. Just like ours.


There should be at least one hydrotherapist in the water with your dog, or more if they require it.


We use floatation jackets on all new cases, even fun swims need rules and we follow the CHA code of conduct.


There are always two staff in attendance for your session so you can sit down and relax,  be reassured that your dog is in great hands.... Ours

Please ensure
your dog is
toileted prior
to the swim


The advantage of the pool is that dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia are able to move pain free and completely non weight bearing, that means without putting any pressure on the painful joints. This freedom of movement gives the dog a great deal of pain relief which can last for days. By having a qualified hydrotherapist in the water with the animal we are able to ensure that your dog works in the correct way and doesn't just splash about.





We make sure your pet has lots of rest, much as we think of ourselves as rehabilitation, we also want it to be fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.



The Pool is 3' 6" Deep and is

constantly filtered to ensure it's clean, and heated to a lush 34 degrees, perfect for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation



Doncaster Hydrotherapy Centre, Marsh Lane, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 4JT

01405 740123