A Treadmill for all sizes

The Tudor Treadmill we have at Doncaster Hydrotherapy Centre is the most modern, up to date treadmill available. We should know, we helped design it. Able to take any size dog it has a computer to hold all the information we need to provide the best treatment plan for your dog. Each programme is designed by us and each client is treated as an individual. This programme is then saved and can be adjusted each time we use it. The treadmill is ideal for dogs that need to build up muscle, improve their fitness or lose weight. They can walk, trot or do the fandango in our treadmill there's plenty of room.


The big advantage for using the treadmill is that we can provide plenty of floatation initially, then gradually reduce the amount of water in the treadmill, so allowing your dog to take more weight through his paws. This is a bit like walking from the deep end to the shallow end in a swimming pool... Just brilliant!


Doncaster Hydrotherapy Centre, Marsh Lane, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 4JT

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